Warming up

Most athletes perform some type of regular warm-up before their training and especially before the actual race. A proper warm up increases the blood flow to the working muscle, which results in decreased muscle stiffness and improved performance. Additional benefits of warming up include physiological and psychological preparation.

Benefits of a Proper Warm Up …

Is this about sport or photography you might ask yourself – let me assure you - it is about the later.

Athletes warm up, musicians as well, why not photographer it doesn’t seem so strange. You can’t sit around the whole time, suddenly grab your equipment and boom just be a photographer.  Doing a good job as an visual artist needs to get you in a special mindset and visual sense and for most of us it might not be as easy to turn it on or off. Photography is mostly a visual experience and warming up for our senses can make things a little bit easier.

The good news is, if you don’t warm up you certainly will not injure yourself, but if you do you might get a better experience out of your photographic endeavor. 

So how does one warm up for photography?

First of all a good practice is to look at images - at your own or on others. If you have a certain project in mind it helps to see something alike and may be to get an idea how to do it totally different or similar.

There is as well the technical site of warming up and that might help to avoid some common problems. Before going out to get in the mood just take a picture and look at it. Doesn’t have to be anything great. Your room, your shoes, your coat, whatever. Why?

May be you see right away some problems:

-       there is no picture (forget to insert a memory card)

-       it is to bright or dark (wrong ISO setting?)

-       battery is blinking


The other thing in doing this right is getting you in the mood to create images. Look at your exposure settings. Verify how you frame the image. What is at the edges of the frame? That all reminds you and gets you in the mood to see different, focus, holding the camera steady and so on.

And if you are going for something special it reminds you as well to verify if you know your setting or if it would be a good idea to consult once more your manual for this specialty.

Than go out and work your subjects!

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