Let your shoes shine

For decades, shoe shiners in Hong Kong have managed to make a decent living by buffing and brushing. And some time ago the government has granted some licenses for shoe shiners.

A cosmopolitan city like Hong Kong still has a place for some old trades like the shoe shine business. Thjere are different places you can find them but Theatre Lane just across Lan Kwai Fong in front of a building still under construction, you can find a group of molstly elderly men — as well as a woman - cleaning shoes of office executives and tourists having cleaned their shoes.

Their presence is now legitimate after getting a licences of Hong Kong authorities. Some of them have worked inthis  area for more than 15 years. They used to avoid the inspectors from the official Departments  accusing them of obstructing roads. This is an area that gets so crowded you nearly can"t pass on some days. As Hong Kong does not allow hawking without license it has been a hard job for the shoe shiners to hold there business up. But in the end they did.


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