What to do on a kind of misty, rainy day…….

Getting up, looking out of the window, I saw this bleak, misty and rainy weather hitting my eyes. Wow what a great day …

But than I decided to make some images nevertheless or even therefore. 

Once I decided to do it I got an idea in my mind, which I wanted to explore some time ago.


Everything was blurry, everyone was mystery and everything was gray.


Once in a misty rainy day.


I had this phrases in my mind when I walked along the shore of Hoan Kiem Lake. And now I was here to create something special, may be a little bit mysterious.


Well, here it is, what I've wanted to try for a long time - Pinhole Photography with my digital DSLR. I got the Lensbaby composer with the Pinhole / Zone Plate Optic and below you’ll find what I got at f 177.

If you have ever tried Pinhole Photography you know that you are just using a box with a hole and a medium to capture the light. I tried it once before stamping an incredibly small hole in a piece of metal, and putting it in front of my camera just with a self made device. But the point is to have a really well punched hole to do this. The Lensbaby device is just great for this stuff. With this kind of photography it is possible to produce dreamy, old-fashioned looking images, with very long exposures, massive depth of field, and a unique soft look. 

Composing is a real problem as even on a bright day you nearly see nothing. You can change the focus plane from pinhole - f 177 to zone plate in the front which gives you f 19. And for sure you have to use a tripod.

The image at Hoan Kiem Lake at f177, 20 sec gave me this dreamy look I was looking for and I forgot all about mist, drizzling rain and grey sky.

Long Bien Bridge former called Doumer Bridge

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