Night, Models, Mannequins and more in Hanoi

Night falls early in the southern hemisphere and than Hanoi puts on a different face. Apart from daytime hektik and frantic Hanoi you can choose at different crossing different pathes like at this corner.

If you are hungry and looking for some fun, a good meal and some booze you probably will choose one of the bright areas. Here you can find all the pleasure you'll looking for. Parking might be a problem so.

Or you like to stroll to some of the more deserted alleys. Looking for some quiet and more relaxed way to discover the city. Exploring and chasing the light and shadows might be fun as well.

Or you are just wandering around and taking in everything you see and suddenly you come by a shop like the CATWALK in down town Hanoi. 

Here you might encounter nineteen-year-old Tran Thu Huong with a carefully powdered face, some pink cheeks and long eyelashes. This might not be a crowded evening party, but you just happen to stand downtown in Ha Noi before a clothing store with a living mannequin.

At the Catwalk for Ladies shop on Hang Bong Street she stands in the window until 9pm. If you ask her why she is doing this you might get the answer

"Instead of hanging out with my friends every night, I lock myself behind glass at the shop. However, it is quite nice that I have some pocket money during the summer holiday," she says.

The young women have some memorable moments at their job on occasions when they amaze pedestrians, including many foreigners. "It's like a scene of a TV series Just for Laughs.

It seems that the idea was inspired by the shop owner when studying fashion at a university in Ha Noi.

To have such special mannequins, is creating something different and attractive for her shop. So far, the Catwalk for Ladies is the only fashion shop in Ha Noi that has human mannequins and is quite a good promotional effect.

So you see going out and not looking for something special can turn out quite exciting.

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