Federal Garden Exhibition 2011 – Koblenz, Germany

The Federal garden Exhibition 2011 (Buga) has opened in Koblenz this year. It will be opened from April 15 to October 16. 2011. The expected outcome of visitors is roughly two million from Germany, countries around Germany and from visitors all over the world.


This garden exhibition lies at the heart of the city Koblenz, directly at the middle rhine which offers unique possibilities to visit the Rhine and Mosel area. This garden exhibition incorporates very well different aspects as: history, architecture and as a garden show – landscapes, horticulture and flowers, flowers, flowers.


Changing flower exhibition, art and historical sites offers some exciting views for all visitors – young and old. There are especially for the youngest playgrounds for splashing and climbing as well as some more sophisticated things for older children like building a timbered house as our forefather did.


Restaurants and more than 3,000 events compliment the exhibition throughout this time. Apart from the garden exhibition the region offers additional possibilities which can be discovered in the region. The upper Rhine Valley has some UNESCO heritage sites and don’t forget to have a look at the LIMES, the old Roman border against the “German Tribes”. More at BUGA2011

This and more pictures in my portfolio Buga 2011


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