Fuji Finepix X100

In general The Fuji Finepix X100 is tremendously well built, feels good and is very well build for manual focus handling. The most talked about is the optical hybrid view finder and I find it superbly done. It is very clear and gives you a perfect and easy composition possibility. The X100 is easy to use and delivers perfect pictures; especially the high ISO capabilities are impressive. The auto focus allows for rangefinder style shooting but the set up is a little bit fiddling. The fun to shoot with the X100 is tremendous and the looks of the X100 are illustrious!

Lens – the f2 focal lens is a bit soft when wide open and less sharp. I actually like this over the razor sharpness of some other lenses. From f2.8 onwards, it is crisp and clean. It can be stepped in full stops only, have half stops would have been better. The lens uses a lens focal plane shutter, which limits the maximum shutter speed. Shooting wide open the maximum is 1/1000. To enhance it a built in ND filter can be enabled and offer 3 stops. When shooting it gives a opportunity to get a nice bokeh.

Shutter – the silent shutter is one of my favorites. The ‘silent mode’ is – silent! I prefer to take images in manual focus mode as the shutter response is immediate and pictures can taken in quick succession.

High ISO – Shooting in high ISO-Performance is in the same class as my D700.

Auto focus – The most talked about component of the X100 is the hybrid view finder. The switch between optical and electronic view finder is awesome. Especially in bright sunlight it is marvelous. The speed of focus is not the fastest and some improvement could be made. But over all it is reasonable.

RAW output – Unfortunately the X100 has no support in Lightroom yet.  The original software sucks.

Flash with Fuji Finepix X100

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