Shenzen - not only fakes to find here

Nearby Shenzen there is an old village. Long ago a kind of city.

Its name is Dapengsuo Besieged City

Located at Pengcheng village in Dapeng Town, Dapengsuo Besieged City was first built at the 27th year of Hongwu of Min Dynasty (1394). It was "the besieged city for the defense of 1,000 households in Dapeng" set up against the Japanese pirates. It is abbreviated to "Dapengsuo Besieged City."

In September 1839, Anti-British naval victory of Kowloon directed by Lai Enjue opened the prelude to the Opium War. Here is a good place for visiting ancient life, understanding the history and tasting of the Ming and Qing features. Therefore Shenzhen is also called "Pengcheng." It has withstand wind and rain for over 600 years and still is.

Inside the city the dwellings built at Ming and Qing Dynasty are still quite well preserved. Dapengsuo Besieged City is the primary focus for the protection of historical relics in Guangdong Province. Dapengsuo Besieged City Museum was established in 1996.

It seems that there is electricity and gas in the old houses but some of them don't have any water supply and the inhabitants have to go to wells to get their needed supply. apart from the ancient houses there are as well some modern inventions I did'nt see anywhere else, as for example, a bike build for the fire fighters.



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