A legend born in Hanoi

There was a time, long long ago when the hero Le Loi was still on earth ...

there might be some stories which have an opening like mine. but an old story has been recorded, a legend of a turtle which emerged from Hoan Kiem Lake to present a sword to our before mentioned hero. The hero took the sword, combatted the enemy, won and became king. the turtle took afterwards back the sword and the lake was named Hoan Kiem, the lake of the Recovered Sword.

Each travel book will tell you this story and you most probably read about a big turtle still living in the lake. It is somehow like all this stories which not everyone believes. It is said, that if you see the turtle you'll have some kind of luck. some people live here quite a time and they didn't have the chance to even have a glimpse.

As I am her just since a short time I fell myself lucky to have seen it and can attest to its existence. The turtle might be at least about 2 m long. Quite an amazing size. I was out on Sunday with some fellow photographers and suddenly a lot of people gathered around the lake totally exited. Wondering what was happening I approached as well and got an image of the turtle and the crowd.

So if you are around Hoan Kiem Lake look out for it it is there!

Some people visiting Bat Trang pottery village see the mixture of different styles of pottery as losing the identity of this traditional pottery village in Vietnam.

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