Streetphotography is getting to easy

It seems nearly impossible to miss the moment with all the new digital equipment. Digital cameras added some wonderful tools to the photographers box.


If you look back into the past and see what photographers created with their “old” film cameras that only holds 36 shots or even less you, or at least I am still amazed. They had to try and make that each shot count. I wonder what one of the great photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson would think about a camera like the newly announced V 1 from Nikon.


This camera brand just is an example, it could be any brand with different capabilities. As they just recently announced this new gadget I was thinking what would the old masters think about the capabilities of such a camera?  Would they see an augmentation in their chances in getting that decisive moment or  …??


Surely nobody could answer this but in watching some fellow photographers using digital cameras like machineguns I wonder if this is the right approach. Many tend to take a lot of shots, with the idea behind that they will “Get something”.


Nearly every new digital camera is capable of capturing an array of images per second and this mentioned one seems to already shoot before you think of firing. At least that is my taking from the ads. So with that capability, they should be good in getting some decisive moments. Right?


No! In my opinion that is a destructive approach.  You will still be clicking away but as well miss that one special instant, because instead of carefully contemplating about the shot firing away will be the task. There might be one or more lucky captures may be more than before but you could train a monkey to handle this. To get this special moments as a street photographer or any photog at all you must think before pushing your trigger.


Especially in street photography the subjects are often moving very fast and once the moment is gone - it is gone, it is gone forever. No second chance.


Why then a camera like the new Nikon should get you in the position to not miss that special instant with all its details, elements and factors in this split second Capturing this image that celebrates the subject in all its visual and emotional intensity, a shot that makes sense and moves the viewer.  But most of the time the auto focusing might be focusing - but often enough on the wrong area. In believing that the “Camera” will handle the situation all by itself the photographer fails again and again.


Good visual photography content is created with the means of a camera but the images are being first and almost created in the head of the photographer. To do this you really have to think and not behaving like a monkey with a machinegun.


As David DuChemin put it in his books and web posts I couldn’t agree more: Gear is an essential tool and once in a while you nee something more suitable gear for different situations, but you need foremost to have a creative vision to make it happen.

So I can relax and be confident that good street photography will still be around for the rest of my life.

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