Around Hanoi

If you are tired of the populated city of Hanoi and in need of some quiter surroundings you should take the opportunity and get out of the city. The Red River Delta nurture rich rice crops and many of the communities around Hanoi engage still in agriculture and use the rich alluvial soils here.

The contrast between modern city life and medieval lifestyle of the villages is really stunning. You surely can go with one of the many tour operators by bus, even by bycicle or bike. I prefer to go with my own bike and as I just got back my Fujifinepick x100 I decided to get new accustomed to my preferred street photography gear and try it at some landscape.

The x100 had to be repaired due to the sticky aperture blades. Fuji in Hong Kong did a good job and even upgraded the camera with the new software. After a monochrome shot at the Cầu Long Biên Bridge a cantilever bridge build in 1903 by the architects of Daydé & Pillé I decided to take my images in color. I decided to go by enhanced saturation and the last as HDR to which I applied a strong tonemapped structure.

Here are some of the images:

Before the independance in 1954 the bridge was called Doumer Bridge

anabranch of the Red River

Cottage at a village

Agricultural fields around Hanoi with ritual place

ritual place close up

building at a village

place to worship

agricultural area in use

long and dusty alley

on the way back to Hanoi, part of the Red River HDR, tonemapped

Streetphotography is getting to easy

áo dài