Paying attention to subtle details will help to hoe your eye and adds interest and depth to your shots. Stiilness in photography is about sense of peace and quiet. Often used are subjects and situations of daily life we do't notice and go by. It is about a kind of tranquility, the way we perceive the world around us, where we find and capture this peace, no matter how chaotic and unpredictable the surroundings are.

It is about a moment in time when we are inspired beyond words. We see a certainty in the beauty of a moment which in the eye of the photographer resonate beyond the limits of time and culture.

It is not necessarily important to be calm or still to find or to capture something "still" around you. In fact there is often a certain dynamic in a busy live and the sense of peace that emanates from certain images. We most often take photographs that reflect the state of our mind. Observation is, as always, the key to discover everyday moments which hold the stillness you want to show in our image.

How to create and arrange different elements and subjects inside an image is the main point in creating visually compelling pictures. Espwcially if you want to share a moment of stillness. Compositional elements are in this case balance and/or simplicity in subject matter. Angles, perspectives and focus can influence and help you to achieve your desired result. Purposely placing your subject off center in your composition allows you to reveal emotion around it. This off center composition will as well create a sense of continity. The story doesn't end at the edges of the frame - there is life outside the frame.

I like to share one of my recent "stillness" images and would like to hear your comment on this macro shot of a spider web full of des drops in early morning.

Long exposure

Staging the line of the sun