André Kertész

There have been a lot of essays about André Kertész quote the famous line by Henri Cartier-Bresson, who himself said: "Whatever I have done, Kertész did it first"!

But this photographer did not only influence the early 20th century photography but did as well produce a lot of work afterwards in his 70-year career. there is a new book about his work from Yale University Press by Michel Frizot and Annie-Laure Wanaverbecq with 500 photos (US$ 75).

The book is divided into three periods: 1914 - 25 in Budapest, 1925 - 36 in Paris and 1936 -85 in New York. In each section there are essays about his life, work and methods used by him. His experimentations have been a wonderful example and guide for other photographers including Lisette Model, Robert Frank and Lee Friedlander, just to mention some. There is a show ongoing in Paris just now, than in Switzerland in February, afterwards in Berlin in June and in the Fall in his hometown in Budapest.

A google search shows some of his work


Staging the line of the sun

StS: shoot through something