StS: shoot through something

The idea

Shoot through something (StS) is, essentially, taking a picture of any subject through something else – a glass ball, a viewfinder, a plexiglass – with another camera. I saw some Through the viewfinder (TtV) photos back in 2008 taken by Carrie Musgrave. They had a toy-camera like quality and I found them interesting but haven’t been inclined to do something of that kind myself. Film aficionados mostly like this kind of images with dark corners, blurred edges and a little bit of grunge – they had all been taken with a digital camera through the glass viewfinder of an old analog apparatus. I tested this with my old Rolleiflex and some other look through materials for just some days. As I didn’t have the time I put it away in my folder – things to do on another occasion. This year I will try to do something like that as a project called 52 StS images. Each week I will post one images of this kind, which I think is the best done in the respective week.



It seems that there are a number of ways to guarantee some success with this techniques. I consider it very easy and cool that any camera can be used on either end. It seems the most used old camera is the Kodak Duaflex, a twin lens reflex, which is very light. Looking on Flickr and various other sites on the internet there are a bunch of cameras used like: Anscoflex, Brownie Starflex, Argus 75, Ensign Ful-vue and so on.

All of these have bubble-glass-top-viewing lenses that produce large clear images. Everything you shoot through them is recorded backward and can be flipped in post-processing or you just take it as you get it.

There are as well some, which take a Holga, a Polaroid or film SLR to shoot through. As these cameras have smaller and rectangular viewfinders, the pictures captured are very small. But they are useable as well.


Top camera and lens

As I already stated, every camera can be used for this kind of photography. My objective is to make as big an image as possible, which means I have to get close. My method includes using a macro lens for the TtV kind of image and any other lens for the shoot through stuff.

Here is my starting image for 2011 and there will be coming, at least, one each week. Will see how it’s going. Would surely like to here your constructive comments about my images.

André Kertész

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