Photo essay

I am, as a lot of others, owner of a facebook page and I have different friends and groups like all of you. Most of them are related to photography. Today I saw a photo essay of the group

"The Invisible Photographer Asia"

which I like to share with you. It is one of the more exitingly told stories and photographies I saw in recent month.

As photography and storytelling went hand in hand the power of storytelling with photos takes more than just beautiful images. The essay presented here is a good example of an impacting photo story by a skillful photographer who understands the emotions and concepts behind this great story.

It is so dynamic, in my opinion, because the photographer cares about the subject. Anger. Joy. Fear. Hurt. Excitements all this can be found in this essay with draws the audience into the story and utilize them in its shots. Emotion is very well used as a connecting point. It is a combination of art and journalism, which in my opinion gives a lot of impact to the whole presentation.

If you like to have a more in depth look go to this page!

Pole dance in a studio

Long exposure