Photography and Botanic

Nature always ranks very high in the popular phot subjects. The wonder of flowers and plants seems to be inherited by many people. There are a number of ways to approach this kind of photography from close-ups to entire mountainsides, flowers in bloom ore unfolding leafs. It seems there is no boundary. You can find as well axotic plants in botanical gardens, or if you happen to live in an enviroment with plentyful of species - you just might find something in front of your door.

The "Golden Hour Rule" applies here as well. The low light of early morning and the late afternoon accentuates features and qualities of plants and flowers which would be difficult to show with harsh direct light. For me it is a matter of form I can find in nature. The simplicity of a petal or a leaf can make the difference from a simple botanical snapshot.

As I was walking around Hong Kong Garden where I found one of the beauties of natures intricate design.


The line of the leaf are extending outward and reveil a certain pattern. The sun backlighting this leaf makes it appear especially radiant. And the next one is even offering a hearty green pattern.

Images that might inspire?!

On the road in Mandalay