Practical and inspiring ideas

There is a book with the title: "150 Photographic Projects for Art Students" from John Easterby. This inspiring book is packed with practical ideas to help anyone interested to become a better photographer. It is designed for students, but nevertheless a fund of thoughts and suggestions for all aspiring photographers. You could find the author Mr. John Easterby at London college where he teaches classes in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography.


The advice of the book is filled with his passion for the metier. It focus on solid practical ideas to improve your skills and knowledge. There are different projects for different tastes. The projects range from street and fashion photography to news, wildlife, landscapes and portraits.


Chapters on kit, shooting in black and white, post production and printing are giving a helping hand. There are not all of the 150 projects devoted to photography - some are dealing with writing a synopsis, building a studio or start your own blog. But that is in my eye a strength one of the book. It actually provides good ideas to enable the interested to become more skilled and offers solid suggestions to build up - may be your photographic career.

ISBN 978-1-4081-2383-6


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