Welcome to Kiribane's musing about photography

After some extended traveling around the world working with different creative teams I still feel the excitement of different assignments, countries and most and for all the drive to take pictures.

I try to focus on street photography and to balance work and private photojournalism. It is how I like to create and develop a distinctive photographic language that combines my skills and my love for traveling and the lightness of a DSLR camera.

My style today is very straightforward and simple. I tend to create vivid images that have a ‘documentary’ look, but I also love to experiment, as this is where I get an opportunity to explore and push myself further. The combination of different areas of photography keeps me going and helps me stay in love with photography.

I most definitely look forward to hearing from you . .

Give me a hint what you like, what not and what you would create totally different. You can find my first pictures at my portfolio site (the link is on the left column)  about Hong Kong's view from above.



European feeling in China