Inverted world

It is advent again and even the second one has passed. Normally advent should be a time to look forward to Christmas. A time to prepare, a time to contemplate ...

But in this time we are assaulted with advertisments, instead joy and peace ther is hektik and stress. An inverted world! The time meant to be a time of contemplation, peace and anticipation is more and more a time which is disquintingly and fretful. Due to these circumstances the Cathedral in Bonn has set a desert scene in its interior.

Stones, sand and a human in front.

At the other end is a splashing fountain which is nurturing some kind of life. Everywhere the water is reaching there is blossoming in the desert. It is like a path of life.

The desert should symbolize the negative experiences of mankind and the water symbolize life itself. Everything changes when the water is reaching the core of things. Everything menacing will be averted.

At least there is life again.

I like this idea and the artwork they created to show it to everyone who is getting out of the hektik time outside to take some rest in the cathedral. I just went there to get some pictures of a christmas créche but have been just as satisfied to capture this scene.

Which everyone an nice ongoing advent!


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