Low Light Workshop

There are many photographers which always loved and love nighttime shots, but as a beginner you seldom know how to make it. This workshop was all about taking photos in low light conditions and getting the best results, depending on your camera. The advantage that digital cameras provide when compared to film really stand out with this type of photography.

At the beginning we had like a classroom discussion that covered technique, exposure, camera settings and working with long exposure times. After the discussion the action happened. for the most part we worked with available lightonly but for the last picture I used my electronic flash of camera.

The area in Wan Chai near Hopewell Centre and the Wan Chai Fresh Market is a perfect backdrop for this kind of photographic forays. In addition, the workshop coincided with the Halloween parties near by, which provided abundant and exiting possibilities for late evening photography.

It is amazing how good cameras are these days with capturing scenes in very low light. I am still amazed at what everyone could get even with some smaller modells with limited possibilities.

So if you are in for some low light rumble and tumble - take your gear and get out!


Here are some of the opportunities that where possible at this evening:


Part of the workshop group

Random pictures of the evening

More pictures here


Inspired by ...

Time to rumble