Any subject you are photographing deserves the right lighting. Most photographers understand the need for proper lighting, as it ensure an image turns out as expected at the end of processing. But you might not consider how lighting technique can be used to enhance your images during your shoot. Small changes in how you approach lighting can make a big difference in your final images. Proper technique, a creative eye, and a willingness to experiment with lighting during the shoot can yield pleasing results.  

If you are looking for a new way to create mystery in your imagery, try silhouettes. Silhouettes can be made out of almost any object. All you have to do is have bright light coming from behind the subject to capture the outline of the subject. Be sure you have the camera light reading from the background and not the subject so your camera will calculate the exposure based on the backlight and not the subject. Experiment with taking silhouettes of something unusual to get truly dramatic images.

Experiment, perfect your skill and you might be surprised at what can be achieved with just a few new lighting perspectives.

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