Fashion Photography

As there is an ongoing stream of visitors these days in Hong Kong my tasks are doubled and there is nearly no chance for some other work. At least I got some post production going and like to point out, that fashion photography is - at least in my view - very demanding. Not only for the models who have surely a difficult task to fulfil with all their artistic like posing, but as well for any photographer at the shooting and as well in post processing.


In my opinion there isn't any model as perfect as editors like them to be. That inclines the heavy use of some post production software and if the image captured is a bad one ... You guess, no postproduction can alter thie to a good one.


At least I have been satisfied with my approach and like to here from you what you are thinking about this two images.

Thanks for constructive remarks and advice.


HDR Efex Nik Software or Photomatix who is the winner