For me, a successful image is one that has an immediate impact on the viewer, that grabs their attention, and makes them dream, smile, think, or at least enoy them. there are certainly plenty of tips to improve my pictures as such and I'm happy to get your advices. Positioning a model with side light to sculpt his or her with light and shadows, to place the model in the frame reflects the understanding of composition and if I'm able to express the atmosphere I envisioned and if I can communicate all this in my picture - than I am happy and satisfied.

As I wrote in one of my musings - sex sells - I want to showcase some of my work which has been inspired by people like Vargas and his Pin up series. The first question in direction of nude photography is about themes. Do I want to photograph intimate nudes, glamoros nudes, erotic nudes? Do I like to tell stories with my pictures, or portray the models in a way that reflects how I feel about them? Or should I take another approch and look for shapes and forms?

There is even the question if I would like to work mainly in black and white or in colour. Both approaches seem to have their pros and cons.

As I said at the very beginning, my approach has been influenced by the Pin up Posters of Vargas and as I didn't have a lot of time and there is always the problem to get a good model I started with pictures like this one.


You can find more on my portfolio side under Glamour and beauty. I would really ppreciate any constructive comment to further enhance my photographic skills.

Happy shooting

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