Actors in Cantonese Opera

I'm into Cantonese Opera since - actually I can't remember as it has been such a long time. I took up to know hundreds of images of different behind the stage views as well as many images on the stage. I'm still collecting, sorting out and trying to get the best images front up as well a concise story about Cantonese Opera.

At my last visit in Hong Kong I was able to meet and to interview Mr. Ng Chin-feng one very prominent member and actor of Cantonese Opera. As I was sorting out the pictures taken lately I came upon one image of him as he prepared his stage make up for the act in the play: "Two Heroic Families" which he played at the West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre in February. 

Suddenly I was struck by an idea. As I interviewed him he was talking about different aspects of Cantonese Opera, his journey in this art and his dedication. I was imagining how deep he was influenced by the Cantonese Opera and how in return he influenced the opera on his terms. 

 hundreds of images are to be turned into a portrait

hundreds of images are to be turned into a portrait

Seeing all the images I took in front of me, and there will be as usual a lot which don't see the light of the internet, I imagined how full Mr. Ng is of Cantonese Opera if it is possible to say so and I decided to show this in an image.

how to do it - how to show his determination about this art? As I look t my screen i got the idea. Why not just use the hundreds of my images to creat a portrait of him. Thought and done.

Here the result;

Mr. Ng Chin-feng, Cantonese Opera Actor

Behind the scenes of a Bamboo Theatre

Bamboo Theatre