Birthplace of a bell

For many centuries the basic process for casting bells has not changed. Even though mechanical lathes and modern electronic turning devices are now being used, the precise art of bell casting continues to rely on old world skills that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Pagodas and the sound of pagoda bells have become familiar to Vietnamese people, helping them feel relaxed and calm since centuries. For many the sound of the pagoda bell is closely associated with nostalgic memories and reflects the cultural beauty of Vietnam.

Bronze bells are very popular, and can be found in every Vietnamese pagoda. They are special musical instruments, which give an echoing sound when ringing as the thickness of each part of the bell differs. Every step of the casting procedure, from shaping the mould to preparing the mixture and melting and pouring it into the mould must follow a special strict process, requiring a special know how. 

I just happened to see the last stage of giving birth to a bell here in Hanoi. 

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