Long exposure - happenstance light painting

Everyone knows about light paintings but I discovered a happenstance light painting just today, Painting with light can be a fun technique that might give some great result if done right. It is called painting with light because this is what you are actually doing while taking the shot – painting with some light form.

Light Painting in its many forms has been a growing trend on Flickr and other photo sharing sites in the last couple of years. I tried different things myself but today it was just happenstance to get an image walking home in late evening. 

Passing along the shore of the West Lake toward my home I encountered an image I liked quite well. As it already was quite dark it had to be a long exposure image and to get the foreground - a fisher - and the background right I needed some more light. Thinking about how to do it some motorbike passed behind me and enlightened the scene. so it was just waiting for the right time to start the long exposure and hope enough and not too much bikes would pass along.

Sometimes the photography gods are there. At least to my taste.

 There could be more light on the fishing rod but ...

There could be more light on the fishing rod but ...

Counting the days

Disorientation is coming soon