6 by 6 - skating under Lenin

It might not be the most practical idea; apart if you might have a masochistic stream, to use a middle format camera in street photography. there is the point of manual focus, choosing the right f stop and the timing all without a meter. 

But it is fun as well. Handling everything with a not very well unobtrusive camera has on the other hand as well its charm as a lot of people are interested in the gear and you can get very easily in discussion and having the possibility to take some good street portraits. B&W film is as well very forgiving and taking an 800 ISO film gives a good range to shoot in.

Walking around the Lenin monument this late afternoon I got in contact once again with a group of skaters. This time from California. They are travelling, as some of the other groups I met, from Hanoi to Danang to Ho Chi Minh City. 

It seems that skate boarding is the new go to in Vietnam.

Puzzling out Hanoi

Gateway of India