Skating under Lenin

The Lenin Statue, of the former Soviet leader is still standing at the triangular park like place  on Duong Dien Bien Phu Street. It faces the Flag Tower and the Army Museum. It might be one of the latest standing reminders of the Russian Revolution area. There is much going on under his gaze but most of the local people are not bothered in any way by the statue. During different times of the day there are different activities.

From dancing couples learning ballroom dances or latin american style to the sounds of Hip Hop, skateboarders, BMX riders, foot ballplayers and old ladies practicing Tai Chi. There is everything or nothing depending on time and weather. Today a group of German skaters practiced there moves and jumps there. They are here in Vietnam on their tour to Danang promoting the brand Titus. A lot of the young Vietnamese skaters present knew them and where quite impressed.

Road to Danang

Daily Chaos