Hug me

 Hug me, hug you

Hug me, hug you

What's it about the "Hug me" theme all over the world. It has arrived in Hanoi as well since some time. Yesterday a young man was standing near Hoan Kiem Lake. He blindfolded himself and wrote a note on a big poster size paper in Vietnamese and very small in English saying: "Please hug me because I don't know you. You are a stranger but if you hug me we are friends".

There have been a lot of people watching, taking photos, not understanding what he was doing and on the other hand a lot of people hugging him as well.

There are moments when you are sad and depressed and just might need a hug.

The Hug Me initiative seems to be a mission to research, develop, manufacture, and freely distribute emotional support, to contribute to their overall sense of well-being, and to help staying connected to human community.

Today's world is more interconnected and interactive then at any other point in human history but your virtual friends are not able to hug you at all. That's the thought process behind all this hugging events. Make friends in real live. Get connected. 

Here some images of the day.

Smell the street. Shot it

Blossom tree