On Top of Hanoi

Wine tasting on top of Hanoi - Malbec from Argentinia. Great time with great tasting and great food. I had the chance to be part of the third edition of Malbec World Day here in Hanoi. This World Day is an international celebration to this special representative grape. All over the world there are different events hosted by different countries. If you go into the history of this grape you have to dig quite deep as everything started about 160 years ago when the grape was planted and introduced to the dry and mountainous lands in western Argentina.After that the story unfolded and the grape began its way up to the top.

Apart from the good wine and food it was an excellent opportunity to take my Sony A7S through its paces and try to get some video footage as I'm going more and more towards multimedia. There are certain limits as I'm still a one man band and different footage and audio is a problem in this regard. For some really good multimedia pieces especially a whole video I have to find some willing partners it seems. All in all I got what I wanted and like to present it to you. Don't hesitate to give me some advice how to improve.

Thanks in advance!

 A good tasty Malbec

A good tasty Malbec

Scouting for street photographers

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