The human condition - street photography

 #24hour, #24hourproject_Hanoi,#Human condition

#24hour, #24hourproject_Hanoi,#Human condition

A while ago I challenged myself with a twenty four hour photography project where I limited myself to one camera and one lens walking the streets in Hanoi and taking at least one image per hour. This has been in a way a test as I want to do something likewise with the members of the Hanoi Photoclub where each participant can choose their “hour” and document this distinctive timeframe of the city. All in all the 24 hours will be captured by more or less photographers taking part. One hour, one photographer, one lens.

Just after I did my own project I stumbled about the 24hourproject which had been done worldwide last year and will now happen today. I decided to take part. The only restriction is the theme and taking the images starting on 21.March 15 at 0:01 am: 


The human condition – street photography in your city sharing story-telling images.

I  looked up Wikipedia and found the following:

The human condition encompasses the unique features of being human, particularly the ultimate concerns of human existence. It can be described as the unalterable part of humanity that is inherent and innate to human beings and not dependent on factors such as gender, race, culture, or class. More at Wikipedia (

And I found a quote which I kind of like but change to my feeling:

Original quote:

“Life is made up of sobs, sniffles, and smiles, with sniffles predominating.” 

O. Henry, The Gift of the Magi

My quote:

Life is made up of sobs, sniffles and smiles, try to make your smiles predominate!

How do I like to interpret the theme Human Condition? That's the question I have to ask myself. Watching talk shows, news and soap operas on TV can give you a broad overview about the human condition and the approach in different countries. Most of the time it is not my condition. There are always the people who want to forget their own constricted situations and like to watch all the others who are less or sometimes as well more fortunate than themselves. 

 Metal working shop just opening in the suburb of Hanoi

Metal working shop just opening in the suburb of Hanoi

My condition just today is searching for lost socks in my drier, fleas on the dog that I patted just some minutes ago and trying to get my coach potato overweight down to a certain level. The Human Condition as I see them around me are technical geek junkies, FB addicts, compulsive shoppers and fortunately a lot of nice, normal and social people I have as friends. The dark side of the Internet and TV addicts are far behind me.

My message of portraits about Human Condition are not so much the complaints about misery and violence, which seems to illustrates this for so many. There seems to be a sucker born every minute most probably just around the corner where you live. Don’t give in, don't give up, smile anyway and enjoy and savor life.

 Rushing to work in early morning

Rushing to work in early morning

So what is Human Condition in my view? It is is a collection of glimpses into the diversity of human live. It is this big diversity and the many different styles of living. Capturing this moments should enable us to recognise that each individual can contribute to a better understanding of the most important things regarding the social interaction between us humans.

So that’s my five cents of idea about Human Condition and how I will try to capture it. I’ll try to describe my 24 hour journey through different parts of Hanoi and if you like it I would be happy to get some constructive comments about the images I will take. Thanks a lot in advance.

 and rushing along by bike

and rushing along by bike

24hour Human Condition project in Hanoi

Unintentional wax experience