Unintentional wax experience

 fierce guards around the corner

fierce guards around the corner

Candles are made since a long time in history. There is evidence that the Romans begun this endeavour about 500 BC. Candles made from whale fat by the Chinese, during the Quing Dynasty is another source. In Wikipedia you can read as well about this fact:

Excerpt Wikipedia:

There is a fish called the eulachon or "candlefish", a type of smelt which is found from Oregon to Alaska. During the 1st century AD, indigenous people from this region used oil from this fish for illumination. A simple candle could be made by putting the dried fish on a forked stick and then lighting it. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_candle_making)

Candle making according to this facts has been a part of our lives for thousands of years. Most people have grown up with candles around them - as decoration and as emergency lighting when the power goes out. Although we don't need them for daily illumination, some of us most probably experimented with candle making in school as well.

So the process is quit easy it involves a lot of work and if done as a selling job it can be quite strenuous. As we had our last Hanoi Photo Club Walk and ventured in some more or less undiscovered territory we suddenly came to a place guarde by some fierce looking guards.

Just around the corner we found the evidence of a lot of different small and long stripes of cotton which looked like there might be some tailor around. But then everything cleared as we smelled the melted wax and saw the rows of neatly stacked waxen candles row after row.


Just asking for permission with hands and foot, or more or less pointing at our cameras, we got the permission to take images here and now I like to share them with you. All the regularities and repetition is always fun to capture. 

All in all a great unintended discovery.

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