Portraits in black and white

A good portrait should reveal something about its subject. It should give you a hint beyond the original appearance. A good thing to do is put layers of meaning and depth to your portrait and the person as a whole. It shouldn't be just a superficial initial impression. A portrait could give an idea of who the person really might be, it's always good trying to depict part of the characters and include it if possible in the image. Portraits in black and white can add an additional layer of complexity. The appearance void of colours gives a different impression, though what it says ca vary greatly between photographers. Here some black and white portraits for some inspiration to you which I took at an evening with artists here in Hanoi. The range of subjects from painters to street artists got me a whole spectrum of human experience,to capture. I hope you might find something that resonates as well to you.

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Horrible traffic dreams in black and white