Usuperana (perar) japanese for flimsy



I did something terrible today which I would not recommend to any of you. I ventured to go on the other side of Hong Kong. The dark side into the unknown alleys and forgotten pathways. And I was some Hong Kong dollars lighter when I emerged after some hours. 

What had happened is that my photographic heart had the pleasure of meeting her. Her is a little tiny marvellous looking shiny Japanese.... Shall I tell you more about her features? All her features? Fine I'll do it but don't count me responsible if you are lusting after her as well.

But as first impressions go, I love this little something on first sight. If I wouldn't have a few more days with her,  I think i might perish. Fortunately I got her and from the first moment have been geared into a creative monster. Her obvious strengths is working under pressure, exposure and ease of use. It’s definitely easier to get close with her because there is nothing obtrusive.

How to describe her? I'll try like this:

Triplet Formula lens with high optical stability

Ultra compact and lightweight, only 45grams

Triplet design with 3 elements in 3 groups for refined sharpness

Premium multicoated lens

Minimum focal distance of 0.8m


Vivid, real and beautiful color reproduction, high contrast. Unique exposed front aperture (hood accepts 19mm size filters). Manufactured and hand-assembled in Japan by Mr Miyazaki, Shiba, Japan. Visually it is the most fascinating lens I have ever seen.

The Perar Super Triplet is in my opinion meant for photographers who love to play with special lenses. As I like things a little contrasty I'm happy with a little bit of under exposing what the lens seems to do. 


The sharpness is not comparable to other 24 mm lenses. In fact, if you enlarge the shot, you can see that it’s fuzzy. But the lens is tiny so you can’t compare it to a large 24 mm lens. However, the details that this lens captures is amazing. The vision is quite exquisite.

The special lens maker from Japan Miyazaki produced over the years different sorts of fantastic handmade lenses for Leica mount cameras. 

Despite it’s deceptively simple construction of three lens elements he was able to design a lens of not only outstanding performance, but also with a very interesting form factor and at a comparatively fair price.

The lens is multi-coated by hand. As Miyazaki makes all of his lenses by hand, it takes a while until a batch of lenses is completed. That, and the cult status that his creations enjoy with the Leica crowd, lead to MS Optical lenses usually selling out very quickly. So if you are interested in one of these -- you should take your chances if you can get one. They are not limited to using ion a Leica in this digital age with mirrorless cameras in abundance. 

The lens also focuses down to 0.8 meters, which is close to the near-focusing limit of most M-mount rangefinder cameras, and weighs just 45 grams.The Perar 24mm f/4 pancakes are designed for full frame cameras and available in silver and black finishes. 

Just a short notice!!!: all my ranting is based on the images I take and how user friendly I find it. Some images will be post processed with slight crops and pushing or pulling on the contrast or darks. That is about the only post work here. Any one expecting to read about more and detailed specifications or any tech reviews, should have a look at other sites that have the expertise. And, my only goal is based on capturing the image I envision.


Just posting from my iPad and taking the images as I shot them in jpg with the Sony A 7. More to come soon. 


Some ideas about lens build but only available in Japanese  

Street or contemporary photography

New horizons ahead