New horizons ahead


My life can be characterised by international moves. While I won't even begin to pretend this is not awesome, the starting time in a new country can be disorienting at best, sometimes completely depressing at worse. This autumn it seems I am facing another international move and I’m already thinking what to do in advance before without jumping off a ledge afterwards.


As a photographer you might get trapped in a rut and need a push to excel in another or even in your already explored field. Be it professional or amateur, the need to get equipped with new ideas to nurture your photography is a quintessential prerequisite that demands always your attention. To move to a different country is already a good tip to overcome ruts in a certain way.

To move can be fun or you can make it so. Here some ideas I have about that:

I always pick some items and take them with me — no matter where I’ll go to live - don’t wonder it will be my cameras. No matter where I am living these objects live with me and remind me that this will be my new home.


As soon as I know where I’ll be going to I will sign up for a language class. If I already speak the language I join a photography club. Language classes are helpful because you'll not only develop ever-so-important linguistic skills, you'll also have a chance to meet other new arrivals — people who are probably just as desperate for company as yourself.

Coming to a new place I try as fast as possible to figure out where the locals buy their groceries and go there as well. This saves me tons of money and make me feel so much more at home. 

Next thing I get a mobile phone. It might seem to be a little weird, but the sooner I got a local number the better. For one thing, it makes it much easier to make friends.

Still at my old place I know that as soon as I know where I’m going, I’ll pick up something precious and hurl it out the window. Just kidding. But it might get you into the right attitude for what comes next - it certainly would be the right move.

I will divide my belongings into "Stuff I Want to Bring Bring" and "Stuff I Can Sell," and may be "everything else " I'll invite friends to take whatever they want. Oh no that’s the wrong attitude. In reality I’ll offer the “Stuff I can sell” at reasonable prices. Keep your eye out there is something ahead!


I hope to get official written notice soon but as I already got a phone call it seems you might find me sooner or later in this new and exciting country 


Usuperana (perar) japanese for flimsy

Dark Knight - Noctilux for the less rich