A new year start

In the last years I traveled extensively through South East Asia looking at different countries and cities but I didn't found any that could offer more as Hong Kong. A lot of this other big cities in the area have quiet lot of problems with traffic jams, smog and other difficulties like political unrest and alike.

 Hong Kong and its different housing possibilities.

Hong Kong and its different housing possibilities.

Singapore, Beijing, Bangkok and Tokyo have as well unique characters but are not so relaxing and easy as the old English dim sum metropole. In order to show my appreciation I decided to show a bunch of images in 2015 on Instagram. If you like them don't hesitate and follow me there Just click on "kiribane" at the top of the image near the eye and you'll come to my Instagram feed.

Hong Kong at Night #vscocam #vscospacethis #asia #hong kong #night-photography

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Hong Kong Heritage