Mid Autumn Festival

 Mid Autumn Festival - fun for young and old

Mid Autumn Festival - fun for young and old

Vietnam has its share of traditional festivals. Besides Tet Holiday, the Mid-Autumn festival is one of the most famous festivals and it is a traditional celebration especially for the children.


The Mid-Autumn festival dates back about 4,000 years. It is fantastic and charming with its history. It is held on the 15th day on the 8th lunar month (which means roundabout September or early October) as the name implies in the middle of autumn and it is originally celebrated for a whole day. There are many different dishes served at this day but most known are - Moon cakes, candies, biscuits, jellies, and a various fruits, such as grapefruit, longan fruit, bananas, apples, mango, etc. 

Moon cakes, which are sold everywhere in town, symbolise Luck, Happiness, Health and Wealth. Apart from the food the children are provided with lanterns - star lanterns, flower lanterns and diverse funny masks such as clown mask, lion mask, prince or princess mask for the special performance in the evening of the full moon.


The Mid-Autumn celebration is always an opportunity for families to visit and share everything. The young generation express their gratitude to the old generation. The parents show their love for their children. At the same time and as the festival is usually after harvesting, it is a time to be thankful for the hopefully good harvest made.


This festival is a good example of the traditional culture of Vietnam.

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