Fighting the Jet Lag


Just back from Europe fighting the Jet Lag isn't as much an issue but nevertheless the best solution is to adapt to the regular pattern I have in Vietnam. That said it's obvious to stay awake until dark otherwise I would most probably wake up in the middle of the night. 

After unpacking and cleaning up I decided to go for a nice coffee shop, some cake and afterwards - how could it be different - for a short photo walk which turned out to be a long one. Just after I decided to take on of the usual strolling areas around Hoan Kiem Lake I run into a group of people from Argentina, Mexico, Netherlands and last but not least as well a Vietnamese.

They took the opportunity to have a friend, Sophia, from Buenos Aires here in town and she is an incredible yoga enthusiast working out in unusual surroundings and postures. They didn't mind that I took as well a lot of images and so I went along with them around Hoan Kiem and eventually to Long Bien Bridge.

Quite a good and exciting time to defend the jet lag which I didn't notice at all as I was shooting away. Thanks to Sophia and all the others of the group and will certainly might have another opportunity to shoot something else.

Mid Autumn Festival

Photo assignment - sun set and rise