Cosplay in Hanoi

Beware the battleship is coming!

Cosplay is a world wide phenomena and here in Vietnam it isn't much different. All over the year there are different events. Most of the main events are like in Japan and connected with the same festivities, called Matsuri in Japanese like the end of Winter, Spring time and alike. There has been a Cosplay Festival at the Royal City Mega Mall in Hanoi. You can see more here.

As I came to know of the participants they agreed to get in character for me and a number of photos from the Hanoi Photo Club. We took a bunch of images along the Red River this weekend and due to good weather, performance of the actors and some changing of lenses and alike we got real good images.

A lot of fun even if everybody get really sweaty due to an exceptional hot day. Thanks a lot to the great work all the cos players put in. Just great. There's more to come.

Hail the forest.

Ninh Binh landscape to dream

Photo assignment - Vertical Panorama