Shanghai Barber Shops in Hong Kong

 Waiting for ...

Waiting for ...

There aren’t much of the old, sparsely furnished barber shops left in Hong Kong, but still you can find them. Most of them have only a few customers, most are managed by some elderly hairdressers and if you are lucky to find one who is willing to  be photographed there is only one thing missing: an old mandarin song from the 1930s playing in the background and a lovely model in a cheongsam on one of the chairs.

Here some images of one of these old shops or to be precise - the look behind the scenes - before the final product had been released. As these shops has been around a long time and most of them had their prime time in the 30's to 50's I decided to shoot them with an old style faded film.

So if you ever happen to be in Hong Kong just look around if you can see one of these old barber vestibule as they tend to vanish soon.

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