History of Photography


 Victorian Fashion

Victorian Fashion


Some friends and members of the Hanoi Photo Club asked me about different techniques in photography and thought they had discovered very new techniques. They were quite astonished to learn, that this had been already done with different gear in the beginning of this art. 

They asked me if I couldn't give them more information and where to get some good sources on the net. 

So I decided to write a little bit about the history of photography, give you once in a while some introduction to photographers who I find inspiring and worthwhile to have a look on. 

I'll not stick to a precise time line but pick what interests me. If you like to have a more historical approach I can recommend a pod/video cast from an American instructor who lately retired. 

From introducing the pioneers of photography starting with the work of Daguerre and Fox Talbot through the history of photography towards contemporary photographers you'll learn a lot. All visuals for each class session are available online at this site:


The History of Photography podcast is now in video format; a little longer to download, but all the visuals are embedded in the podcast itself!

Have fun!

 100 year old cemetery in Germany

100 year old cemetery in Germany

Masters of Photography

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