Tetsuji Honna and the National Symphony Orchestra

The Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra (VNSO, Dàn nhạc giao hưởng Việt Nam) is based in Hanoi, the nation's capital and with its Japanese conductor Tetsuji Honna who is as well the musical director since ten years has made a great leap to contribute classical music and integrates this into the contemporary musical life and become quite popular with Vietnamese audiences.

Conductor Tetsuji arrived in Vietnam in 2000 when he and the Nagoya Phiharmonic Orchestra organized a tour in eight Asian countries. He started working as a lecturer and musical director of the VNSO in 2001.

He has a great and long experience working with well known solo artists, namely Martha Argerich, Elisabeth Leonskaja, Antonio Menses and Cecile Licade and many more. He led since than VNSO performances in many places around the world.

He often invites talented colleagues and instrumentalists from other countries to perform in Vietnam. here some milestones of his life:

HONNA Tetsuji  Music Director and Principal Conductor of VNSO studied initially under Kazuo Yamada and Michiyoshi Inoue.

Some of his awards include:


1992  1st prize and the Bartok prize of Budapest International Conducting Competition

1994  Matsumura Prize

1995  Nippon Steel Music Award Fresh Artist

1997  Osaka Stage Arts Encouragement Award

2005  the Gran Prix by Japan Music Pen club

2009  Ambassador prize of Embassy of Japan in Vietnam

2010  Vietnamese Composer’s association Prize

2011  Foreign Minister’s Award of Japan


There is much more to tell about him and the VNSO but this will have to wait for another time.

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