Bodyguard on the loose

Dangerous times ahead - got my own body guard into some training sessions

As you could follow my last events going to abandoned places and taking images as well quite into the dark of the nights and …..

Vietnam is for me still a safe place. There are the usual pickpocket tricks, some burglary and other minor crime. Not too much and not too dangerous for tourist and expatriates living here. Nevertheless sometimes there are even worse things happening and you have to be prepared or at least have someone else being prepared and looking after your safety.

a roundhouse swinger in action

Due to my schedule and as I have the camera mostly at my eye I can’t be prepared all the time. So a good solution is to have a personal bodyguard in case there is something dangerous happening. That thought and said I had this idea for a long time and decided to follow it up. Luckily I got hold of one brutal and capable fighter. To brush up her speed and level of fighting techniques I managed to get her in contact with a local martial art group were she excelled in her basic techniques impressing all of us.

So be aware or I let her loose! Or all others as well.

Mean mean mean

From Sport to Fashion

It's FASHION time