Womens Day

This weekend has been the yearly event of "Women's Day" and the story of women's struggle for equality and collective efforts is being told of various platforms and events through out the world. There is a dedicated website for the International Women's Day to be found here.



The celebrations here in Vietnam have been manyfold as well. Apart from all the meaningful and great efforts which are being made their is an effort all men, boyfriends and so on are doing to please their loved one. You could see the invitations to restaurants, treating their woman with food, giving their woman some health and fitness vouchers and so on.


Their has been as well a very good executed idea by a local Designer, Ms Quynh at her fashion house at Double Dose at 35b Nguyen Binh Khiem in Hanoi. If you were lucky and got the information you could treat your loved one there for a day with a unique treat.


Being instructed about style and make up, getting a professional make up, try the newest and hottest fashion just out of the design shop and getting the event captured as a memory on some photos and the more generously got even a new dress or collection from their loved one. Just a great outstanding idea.


Did you miss it? Your own fault. But don't despair. Even if it's a whole year to wait for the next Women's Day, why not just give her a nice present in between. Send her to the store, give her your credit card and in return get a happy woman (and a less burdensome account).

Here a little video treat of the event.

Monster handling

Colorful “full” time - despite the rainy days - in Hanoi