Towns en miniature

Tilt and shift lenses are quite sharp, good for architectural photography work and fun to use for the Schleimpflug principle to have some fun. As good as they are I always had a lot of trial and error using them with my original Nikon. As soon as I got the NEX series of Sony as well as the A7 series it was just more fun and an easy piece of cake to get good focus. The peaking focus with the later cameras makes it so much easier to use. As I was in Hong Kong lately and had my Tilt Shift on my hand I started to do some work and now continued it in Hanoi. Its even quite easy to do a time lapse as well as video work, Here a short teaser. Will see to get some more into multimedia work. Have fun!

Cosplay at the Royal City Mega Mall, Hanoi

Bamboo Theatre in Hong Kong