Cinematic look

Looking around the Internet and looking for different ideas I came along some photographers who are producing images that have a look as if they were stills captured from movie films. A couple of them are based in New York and I had a look on their projects to get a grip on their approach on the cinematic look. 

What I came up with it apart from the content is how the image is processed or “treated” (color correction and grading, much like film footage). The intersection between stills photography and motion, is quite interesting to look and I thought others might like it too.

Here are some steps and one of different ways to apply the widescreen look and details of achieving this look:

Step 1 – Take the RAW image and import to Lightroom

Step 2 – Play with split toning to achieve the start of a color look (warmth adding t)

Step 3 – Adjust color saturation and luminace to suit

Step 4 – Adjust blacks, color temperature, shadows and saturation

Step 5 – Add a slight vignette and grain, to go for a “film-like” look

Step 6 – Export to PS or another post processing software. 

Step 7 – Add a black solid layer underneath the background layer

Step 8 – mark a fixed ratio for width and height. 16:9 widescreen image.  and crop it

Step 9– Select a fixed ration of 2.35:1 for an anamorphic look and add an Adjustment Layer

Step 10 – Go to Layers panel. Apply Layer Mask to apply the mask to the image

Step 11 – Align the image and Apply Layer Mask to apply the mask.

Step 12 -  Select the entire document and align Layers select Vertical and align the layer vertically

Here some examples

 Preparing food for the masses

Preparing food for the masses

 Shop for mixed snacks

Shop for mixed snacks

 Asking for ....

Asking for ....

Still Moving

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