Street photography tips

Street photography can be intimidating as everyone who tried it knows. But when you’re up for the task, be sure to take some hints in consideration before facing the streets.

1. What gear to take up?

A small combo is mostly better to use. Like a small lens with a 35mm or 50mm, so you don’t appear to obvious. A normal to wide-angle lens give you the capability to capture your scenes and surrounding context easily. 

2. Know the law

Different countries, different laws. Try to get to know the laws up on the region you are shooting to avoid trouble. 

3. Don’t look to obvious 

Don’t lurk around suspiciously – don't take to fancy gear. Be respectful and considerable.

4. Apart from automatic mode try aperture as well

Aperture priority is made for street photography. Set your f-stop between f/8 and f/16 and don’t be afraid to bump your ISO as far as you're certain to go.

5. Focus

Autofocus can be your best friend but try manual  focus as well  as you will need to quickly focus on a subject on a busy street, automatic focus can, depending on camera model slow and you might get lost.

6. Storytelling

Street photography is all about moments and stories. Try capturing the context and telling your story.

7. Look for striking elements

Light and shadows, reflections in puddles or windows are all interesting elements that work well in street photography.

8. Angles

Crouch down, stand on your toes, climb on a ledge, take care as well, lay down, use tilting screens and alike. 

9. Stealth mode

Some of the best street photographers shoot without using the viewfinder – sometimes the only way to capture natural moments. Practice shooting at chest level or from the waist, the hip, backwards and so on.  It might require practice sometimes luck, but can gives you eventually  gems you wouldn't have got otherwise.  

10. Smile

A smile or a cheeky grin can be the best for upcoming difficult situations.

Did I miss any tips? Let me know!


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