Sailing to Byzantium

Sailing to Byzantium

That is no country for old men. The young

In one another's arms, birds in the trees

– Those dying generations – at their song…..

Lately I was engrossed by a documentary about one of Irlands poet laureates William Butler Yeats. Apart from the view of the Irish he is regarded as a kind of romantic Irish dreamer, at least by the British. But all his life and work after Irelands independence had been a good deal earthier and more interesting than I thought. The documentary had the title from one of his poems:

No Country For Old Men

Seeing this feature story and thinking of my own age and lot what I photographed lately I was wandering as well what old in this context meant for me. A little bit more eastern as Byzantium I have quite a growing library of “old men” in my Lightroom catalogue.

What does old mean? Is it the surpassing of an average life span of human beings? And if yes, who is declaring what the life cycle might be. Old Men what does it mean in different cultures. Old is often not used in the western hemisphere. We are talking of seniors, older adults or elders. Nobody wants to be old as it inclines a limited regenerative ability and for many the suggestion of being more prone to diseases, syndromes of sickness and so on. 

Old men, as well as female, are treated different in different countries and societies around the world. I always found the faces and most and foremost the stories of the life of the different generations at different ages quite fascinating. Here in Asia the age goes kind of hand in hand with the idea of wisdom. Getting in contact with all this different people and if possible hearing there life stories is fascinating. Even if you don’t know what they experienced you can often see it in their faces. Here some prime examples I like to show.

Tingvall Trio in Hanoi

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