Democracy - kind of a rhizome?

A plant which is like a rhizome can shoot out roots from any point, as well as leaves and stems from any point. It has no beginning: no roots. It has no middle: no trunk. And it has no end: no leaves. It is always a middle, always in process. There is no particular shape it has to take no particular territory to which it is  bound. It can connect from any part of itself to a tree, to the ground, to a fence, to other plants, to itself.

Rhizome which is in botany and dendrology a modified subterranean stem most probably of a plant usually found underground, and sending out roots and shoots from its nodes.

A lot of things started kind of with the Occupy Wall St. protests steadily growing in strength, and in time spreading to many other cities and countries like the movement in Hong Kong, (#OccupyCentral).

One thing noticing about this protests (official and otherwise), is the lack of understanding this networks. They are decentralised and a nature of these protests. This form seems so foreign to many that they can't seem to recognise it.

This movements are not with a traditional narrative. As the product of the decentralised networked-era culture, it seems it is less about victory than sustainability. It is not about one-pointedness, but inclusion and groping network toward consensus.

And it is about art, art of different sort and perspective. the development in Hong Kong is hard to predict. The latest news is that the court in Hong Kong decided that the demonstration has to end at least on Monday. Will see what will happen.

Yellow Umbrella meaning Revolution

Dancing outdoors