Caprichos del Tiempo

As everybody has seen I worked a lot with the Sony A7s lately especially at dance events and as well for street photography due to its good low light capability (High ISO) and no sound (....) you can't hear anything.

A good possibility has been a Flamenco show at the Hanoian Opera house made possible by the Spanish Embassy here. Isabel Bayon, a Flamenco dancer born in Seville mesmerised the public here in Vietnam's capital. Apart from seeing this great performance I wanted to try some different things with the Sony A7s. I couldn't bring a tripod and had to shoot handheld. On the other hand I wanted to take one of my older lenses the Tamron 200 mm to 500mm f 4 to f 6.2 with a canon mount. I got as an adapter the metabone which is able to connect with all the auto function as well. Unfortunately it doesn't work very well with auto focus. The focus hunting is incredible and sometimes doesn't work at all. So manual focusing was the name of the game.

 Even using the coloured images is possible but I liked the b/w for this theme

Even using the coloured images is possible but I liked the b/w for this theme

Holding the camera with the big lens just supporting myself at a pillar, focusing manual and trying to get some decent images had been quite a challenge. Mostly I took the images you can see at ISO 34.000 and a speed of 1/400 up to 1/500 sec at f5.6. There has been noise in the images which I get rid of in LR 5 with noise reduction. All in all not so bad but surely I would prefer to work on a tripod. Sometimes you have to go with whatever is possible.

F11 a Photographic Museum in Happy Valley

Architectural photo opportunity