Just before TET ( Vietnamese New Year)

 Kum Quat trees for TET

Kum Quat trees for TET

The last weeks of the Lunar Year in Vietnam have begun and it is busy and vibrant throughout the city - especially on the markets. It is the time of colorful TET markets as everyone is preparing for Lunar New Year. This is for the most important time of the year for many families. A time for reunion, to relax and to have lots of good food. Time to sacrifice for the ancestors, deities and pray for health, serenity and prosperity.


Everyone in the country from south to north from west to east is looking forward to buy special items to ensure a successful New Years Eve. Things that are thought of still today are special mushrooms, dong leaves, bamboo shoots, glutinous rice and the ever present pungent fish sauce. Than there are all this calligraphic paintings with characters for Happiness, Fortune and Longevity.


You can find this calligraphers in different places in Hanoi where they spread out there red papers and dark ink stones. Especially the streets around the temple of literature will transform into a calligraphic street.


And than there are the flower markets. It seems that especially this time of year a new love for flowers is burning in the hearts of the people. Plum blossoms are the hit in the North as ochna blossoms are in the South. Everyone seems to decorate his home with flowers, traditional prints and festive slogans.


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